вторник, 24 мая 2011 г.

JetBrains dotPeek to rescue.

I don't know how you faced the fact that Reflector is no longer free, but I for one was very-very dissapointed. Now, our favorite JetBrains team comes to rescue with their brand new tool called dotPeek.

Go and get it here.

PS. Five minutes later I found another tool that will compete to take Reflector's place - JustDecompile from Telerik. It is here.

PPS. Also, there is a work being done for Silverlight by Denis Vuyka and there is another OSS tool to compete for our souls - ILSpy.

PPPS. Life is good again.

Good luck.

понедельник, 16 мая 2011 г.

NServiceBus Saga Idempotency

Should your business entities had a natural identifier (I think even a surrogate one would do in this case), it would be trivial to ensure idempotency of sagas, that drive their processing.

Just store that Id in a temporal saga storage and enqueue a handler that will guard your sagas as the first handler in NServiceBus endpoint pipe. Something like this one:
And don't forget to specify message handling order:

Good luck!