понедельник, 11 октября 2010 г.

Applying monadic combinators to build simple parser

After reading this article, it dawned on me, how easy it might be to write parsers using internal dsl syntax. Looks a bit clumsy in C#, yet rather expressive.

I've used wonderful Magnum library built by Dru Sellers and Chris (creators of open source service bus MassTransit project) as a foundation, since it already contains a base for monadic parsers.

As an example, look how easy it is to write a parser for following simple grammar, describing file version structure:

<version> ::= <part>{<delim><part>|<part>}
<part> ::= <positive integer>+ | <letter>+
<delim> ::= “.” | “,” | “(” | “)” | “ “

And parser in mere 10 lines of code:

Good luck!

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