понедельник, 2 февраля 2009 г.

Much of muchness. Other readings.

This is a short note on other possible solutions of forementioned scenarios that these series of articles were devoted to.

Actually there is only one writer that had discovered the same theme. His name is Kent Boogaart. You might know him for his SCSF.WPF Contrib project, that I for one actively use in my projects.

Discovering MAF-enabled solution he breakes it to following pieces:

The most interesting parts here are Event Hub and Service Provider implementations.
Kent's techinque is fully based on MAF advantages (it means he doesn't use any other .Net libraries as I did with WCF in my EventBroker implementation) finishing with the fully independent addins and hosts, that is not true in my case, where host and addin are coupled by service contracts and service provider libraries.

P.S. other articles in this series
P.P.S. Actually there is nothing preventing you from generating proxies to subscription and publication services in addin's and host's projects separately, so there is only one dependency left - my ServiceProvider library. Not a big deal =)

Good luck!

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